Föreläsare tema renrum 2022

Eglė Hammering will give a presentation at Tema Renrum 2022 – Read more about the presentation below

Eglė Hammering

ELIS Cleanroom

Eglė Hammering, MCs (IMM), is an experienced technical product manager with over 10 years of experience of supporting companies with cleanroom environments. Being a part of the largest cleanroom textile service provider in Europe, Eglė is based in Copenhagen and works primarily with the Northern European countries.

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Eglė’s Presentation

How will GMP Annex 1 impact cleanroom garments and gowning?
A sustainable approach to cleanroom garments

Human is the main source of contamination in cleanroom. Therefore, it is essential to reduce the risk of contamination in a cleanroom environment by selecting optimal cleanroom garments and accessories. The presentation focuses on selection, usage, and maintenance of these based on recommendations in the latest Annex 1 revision. It also covers the sustainability aspect in choosing a circular service to reduce the environmental impact.

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