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Thomas Lööf and Francisco Careaga will give a presentation at Tema Renrum 2022 – Read more about the presentation below

Thomas Lööf

Brookhaven Instruments AB

Thomas Lööf has for the last 20 years worked within the Life Science, Healthcare and Electronics industries with designing, implementing, and validating environmental monitoring systems.

Francisco Careaga

TSI Inc.

Francisco Careaga has a Diploma Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Applied Science Aachen, Germany. He continued his studies and received his Master Degree in Energy Systems from the same University. Since 2017 he is part of the TSI EMEA Critical Environmental Team, where he has contributed to the successful implementation of viable and non-viable monitoring system supporting and managing channel partners and clients.

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Thomas and Fransisco’s presentation

Implementing Real Time Viable Particle Counting in Grade A Isolators

The release of the new Annex 1 is due during 2022 and one focus area is microbial air sampling in grade A environments. One focus is on microbial air monitoring and that it should be performed during the whole batch and also to reduce interventions that is one of the highest risks for contamination in grade A areas.

This presentation will cover how companies who are using Isolators for Grade A aseptic processing can implement & validate a real time viable particle monitoring system to meet the new demands set forth in the new Annex 1.

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