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Particle Measuring Systems help you measure what matters by understanding your applications, requirements and regulations through micro-contaminationmonitoring and control products that reduce risk.
We produce, deliver, install and validate particle counters, micro biological air samplers, environmental surface testing for biological contamination, detect and characterize airborne molecular contamination from multiple locations within a cleanroom. In short we provide sterility assurance in your production environment, cleanroom environment or in your lab.

Our customers are mainly situated within the Microelectronics industry;
•        Semiconductor
•        Data storage
•        Display
•        Cleanroom certifiers
•        Industrial manufacturing
•        Aerospace and defense

And within the Life Science industry;
•        Aseptic manufacturing
•        Medical devices
•        Blood and tissue
•        Healthcare and cosmetics
•        Research
•        Food and beverage
Particle Knowledge™;  we can help you improve your process control by understanding particle behavior. Our guides to particle technology offer education on microcontamination and reducing product yield loss.
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Calibration Services ; Our software-controlled approach automates critical steps that drive consistency in each calibration, giving you confidence in the data you rely on.

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